Folded Ircs: An Introduction For Product Manufacturers


There is something alluring in the eyes of a consumer about a coupon. Of course, saving money is always at the forefront of their thoughts, but coupons make shoppers feel like they are valued or like they should buy a product even when they may not have planned on doing so. Coupons can come in many different forms, from clipable coupons in the mail to coupon booklets attached to a shelf where customers can help themselves.

15 June 2018

A Few Options Available For Pre-Printed Membership Cards


If you own or operate a business or group that involves a membership you need to have some type of card identifying them. This could be something as simple as a discount card for loyal customers or a card that acts as a key to get into the facility. While you may feel that having personalized cards with the members' names is the best way to go for security purposes, you may find it beneficial to have the cards pre-printed and ready to give out as people are joining the group.

7 April 2018

Using A T-Shirt For Advertising? Follow These Tips


Printing your own t-shirts is a great way to advertise your business. Everywhere you go, you can wear the shirt -- and people will see your shirt and come to recognize your business. Your employees and friends can also wear the shirt and advertise for you. T-shirts are affordable, and you can design them however you want. However, you should be careful to follow these tips when you do design your advertisement t-shirts.

24 January 2018

Learn What Things To Take Into Consideration When Designing A Tiny Home


Tiny homes great for anyone who wants to travel, but does not want to have to stay in hotels everywhere they go. In order to have a tiny home that suits your needs perfectly, it is a good idea to have one custom made. Before anything can be done for the home, you need to have blueprints created for the builders to follow. The following guide walks you through a few things to consider when designing the perfect tiny home for you.

7 October 2017

Learn A Few Tips For Labeling Barbeque Sauce Before You Start Selling It To The Public


If you have an award-winning barbecue sauce that you want to start selling locally, you need to first bottle it and then label it properly. When bottling the product, you want to choose a bottle that is large enough to provide consumers with enough barbecue sauce to use with multiple meals. You can choose from plastic or glass bottles, however, plastic may be the best option because you do not have to worry about the bottles breaking when you transport them.

19 June 2017

Screen Printed Garments: The Cure Really Does Matter


After screen printing T-shirts, sweatshirts and ball caps, a curing process needs to take place to prevent the ink from cracking, fading, or disappearing altogether. Curing is the chemical process where the ink dries and bonds to the fabric of the garment. A poorly-cured T-shirt will quickly fade when washed several times. There are several curing methods, and depending on your curing needs, you may require one method over another. Here is the truth about all the different curing options out there.

17 May 2017

Want To Start A Small Photography Business? It Could Be Easier Than You Think


Are you considering opening a small photography business to make some extra money, or to potentially replace your full time income? If so, it's important that you have the key items needed for success. A lot of things you can get or do yourself, even if you don't have a lot of experience managing a small business. As long as you have access to the Internet and you can take great pictures, you should be able to launch your business on your own.

18 January 2016