Crucial Things to Consider When Going for Copier Sales


Copiers are essential office accessories used daily in workplaces. There's always a sense of inconvenience when there are not enough copiers or the existing one has broken down. Copiers are also expensive, with many opting for copier sales since they're discounted. If you're in the market for such accessories and want to target a sales event, it would be best if you learned crucial things to look for before buying one.


While modern copiers come equipped with standard features geared towards commercial use, there should be room for upgrades to allow for customization. Research the add-on features that the copier supports and how they can impact your business, especially when printing needs increase. Large trays for high-volume copying should be on the list as they provide uninterrupted operation. For better security, a copier should support hard disk encryption that comes with 'wipe' options to ensure sensitive business information doesn't leak. They should also have card reader capabilities that allow you to make document copies straight from a storage card. 

Color Printing

Many people often overlook color printing, especially when operating on a budget, and the mistake costs them more as they'll have to buy another copier in the long run. Color printing is crucial when dealing with colored documents, presentations, and colored photos. A color printing copier saves you the costs of outsourcing such tasks and improves workplace efficiency. 

Printing Volume

A copier is only as good as its printing volume. For effective office use, you should refrain from using substandard copiers with lower printing volumes. Some copiers can print multiple copies within an hour, reducing the workload and the need for multiple copiers in the office. Page-per-minute speed (ppm) is crucial when choosing a printer based on speed, and you should always go for the one with the highest ppm to handle heavy-duty work. 

Mobile Printing

When shopping for copiers for sale, it's crucial to consider the mobile printing feature due to the proliferation of mobile devices. A good copier should enable users to connect to mobile devices through wireless connections like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and print files directly. By connecting a copier to mobile devices, a business will manage to eliminate congestion around the copier, reduce the need for more IT infrastructure such as more computers, and improve workplace productivity. 

Brand Type

It's crucial to choose reputable brands when dealing with copiers, as this will have long-term effects like service quality, longevity, repair, and maintenance. Popular brands are also widespread, and many people are familiar with them, making them easy to use and operate. 


Copier sales are the easiest way for a business to acquire a copier. However, you should consider aspects like print volume, color printing, mobile printing, upgradability, and brand type. Contact a copier professional about copiers for sale if you need help choosing the right copier.


16 August 2022

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