Reasons Why A Business Owner May Want Custom Size Booklets Printed


If you have a company that offers a product or service, then you are someone who may have one or more uses for custom-size booklet printing. You can use them in the ways that work best for your company. Here is more information on custom-size booklets, their possible uses, and their advantages: 

Can introduce you to customers

Depending on what your business does, you may want to have a way to explain your services to potential customers, list some of the things you offer, and provide helpful information in an FAQs section. You can have booklets set out on the counter for prospective customers to grab, send them out as mailers to those in the community, or use any other number of methods to pass them out to your target market. 

Can be printed to go with products

If you sell products that can be a bit confusing, then you can have small booklets printed that go with those products. This can help to cut down on the number of phone calls that come in asking for assistance with the product. It can also help to cut down on the number of returns you get for that product due to misunderstandings before purchasing. You may also sell some products that have an interesting history. It can be nice to include a booklet explaining the story behind the product and customers will often appreciate this. 

Can be printed to cover your individual services

You may offer a good number of services to your customers. It can be difficult for you to cover all of your services to customers who come in when you have other customers waiting. This is why it is a great idea to have custom booklets printed that you can hand to the customers. You can suggest they look through it a bit and then let you know what questions they have. This frees some of your time up, and it helps introduce the customers to all the services printed in the booklet. 

Can be used to advertise specials

You may have so many specials running that it can be a bit overwhelming for your customers. They want to make sure that they are getting the best deal, which can be difficult when they don't have all the specials right in front of them at once. You can include tear-off coupons or QR code coupons in the booklet as well.


22 November 2021

Learning About Printing Services

Hello, I am Maeve Boyle. The success of my business relies on my ability to spread the word about products and services I provide. I have found that the best way to tell the community about my business is through direct mail flyers. I design all of the flyers on my computer and have them created by a local printing company. The printing company allows me to pick the paper weight and finish used for the completed advertising materials. I like to pick a paper type with a texture and finish that people gravitate towards. I will talk about all of the different types of paper and inks used in the printing process. I hope you will use the information on my site to secure flyer prints for your business. Thanks.