Three Calendars For Your Company To Order


It's common for companies to hand out calendars late in the year that their clients can use once January arrives. Even though people have calendar apps on their smartphones, there's something appealing about having a calendar in your work area. Being able to glance at it when you're scheduling events, for example, is still something that a lot of people enjoy. If you're thinking about having a local commercial printing company produce some calendars for your organization, there are several things to consider. One consideration is what types of calendars you want. Here are three popular options.

Wall Calendar

When a lot of people picture a calendar, they think of a standard wall calendar. These calendars vary in size but are large enough to easily view from a nearby desk without taking up too much space on the wall. With 12 large spaces for photos, you'll need to come up with 12 images to display on the calendar. For example, you might choose 12 key moments in your company's history or feature 12 of your top-selling products. This is a popular calendar type that you can expect many of your clients will be happy to receive and use.

Desk Calendar

Desk calendars come in a few different styles, but they all share the common trait of being compact. These calendars often sit on a base so that they stand up in a triangular shape. Some desk calendars feature just one image and have a page for each month that people rip off after the month ends. Others are similar in some ways to wall calendars, with 12 different pages that people flip through during the year. Clients who don't have walls around their desks, which is common in an open-concept work environment, will appreciate desk calendars.

Poster Calendar

A poster calendar hangs on the wall but is much larger than a standard wall calendar. Commonly, this design features one large image, with the 12 months of the year placed below the image. You'll often see this type of calendar in companies' break rooms, lobbies, and other similar areas. Given that poster calendars have room for just one image, you'll want to pick something significant or put together a collage of key moments from throughout the year. Contact a commercial printing company to learn more about each of these calendar options and place your order so that your products are ready to hand out before the end of the year.


27 October 2022

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