How A Managed IT Service Provider Helps Clients Choose Software


One of the biggest benefits of working with a managed IT service provider is getting help with choosing software. Since cross-platform technologies make it imperative that software works as well with your desktop as it does with your phone, getting some perspective from an IT service provider makes a difference. Here is a look at how they can help you select the right software.

Assessing Your Devices

Many decisions boil down to which devices your company utilizes. A graphic design business exclusively using Apple products, for example, is going to focus on software that fits within that frame. Conversely, a shipping company with a BYOD policy may have to care more about cross-platform compatibility.

If you have many devices at work at your location, an audit might be necessary. This involves surveying the network to create a list of everything running on it. The IT service provider can then assess your needs based on what the device audit returns.

Note that this process may involve saying good-bye to a few devices. If your available hardware isn't up to running the newest stuff, you may have to replace or upgrade systems.

Identifying Needs

A lot of folks aren't quite sure what software pairs best with their needs. Many businesses just use whatever is the prevailing option in their industries, and others might use whatever was installed on their devices out of the box. Some have a general idea but purchase more software than necessary because products are often sold as part of suites.

Your operation, however, may benefit from determining which software packages meet its needs better. People at a law firm might know they need the MS Office suite, but do they need the whole thing? Maybe they only need Word and Excel without all the other tools.

Similar conversations often cover using web apps and cloud-based software. especially if your team does a lot of remote work, this can be helpful.

Bulk Licensing Benefits

A managed IT service provider usually has arrangements in place with major software companies. These deals allow them to purchase licenses at bulk rates and pass some of the savings onto their customers. If you need to get licenses for many seats, this can have huge benefits. With modern subscription models for most applications, it also allows companies to keep their applications up to date. Similarly, you'll have an easier time obtaining copies of the mobile versions at fair prices.


5 August 2020

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