3 Reasons To Include Folded IRC On Packaging


Instant redeemable coupons (IRC) are not simply a way to offer savings to customers; they are also an excellent branding strategy for businesses. There are several reasons to consider adding folded IRC to your packaging.

Push New Products

Folded IRC are often seen when new products hit the shelves. One of the reasons for this strategy is to make consumers feel better about trying something new. Since consumers have no clue how well they will like a new product, it helps reduce skepticism if they can acquire the product at a reduced price. Since folded IRC can contain a small booklet of information, consider using this space to explain more about the product so consumers feel more comfortable making the purchase.

Reward Brand Loyalty

Although finding new consumers and attracting consumers to purchase new products are important, the retention of current customers is possibly more important. Periodically adding folded IRC to products that are already on the shelves is an excellent way to reward brand loyalty. Businesses often need to compete against other brands sharing the same space and store brand equivalents of a product. If a consumer can save a little money by using the IRC, they might be more likely to stick with your brand and not be tempted by a less expensive alternative, whether it is a name brand or store brand. Another way to reward brand loyalty is to include multiple coupons in your IRC. Consumers can use one immediately, and they might return to the store to use the other coupon at a later date.

Stand Out Among Competitors

With the average store shelf being packed with similar products, it can be difficult to devise a way to stand out among your competitors. Although having good packaging design can help, there is always the chance that similar-looking products will be on the shelf. Folded IRC is a simple method of doing something eye-catching that consumers are unlikely to overlook. Not only does IRC help visually because it looks different on the shelf, but it can also help with sales simply because consumers are expecting a coupon to be included. Sometimes small booklets are included without a coupon, and this is often a significant disappointment to consumers so that strategy should be avoided.

Adding a folded IRC to your products is not only a good strategy to encourage consumers to try a new product, but it also rewards consumers who tend to be brand-loyal. If you want your products to stand out even more, consider adding a folded IRC.


23 April 2020

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