Three Extras To Offer With Copier Sales To Drive In More Business Your Way


Nearly all businesses will need a printer and a copier of some sort. Everyone from a medical office to an automotive center will need to provide paperwork for their customers. Since most businesses have a larger amount of business than a home would, they will need to invest in a commercial copier for their needs, rather than a residential copy machine. One issue that you may run into while pursuing copier sales is that some businesses are slow to invest in a new machine, even when their printing demand is higher than usual. Here are three offers that you can use in order to drive up copier sales for your company. 

Offer a free maintenance warranty 

When you sell a copy machine, it will need to be maintained properly. The ink holders may need to be cleaned and the machine may need to be inspected to attempt to find paper jams or loose screws that are causing problems. To make sure that your clients do not have to go looking for someone to perform this maintenance, offer a warranty with all of your machines. This warranty can come with several years of regular maintenance for every machine that you sell. This will ensure that customers do not have to worry about finding help when they purchase a new copy machine. 

Provide a free change of ink

The ink that is used for a large copier will look different than your average printer. The inkwells will be larger, and the ink will be more costly. Get your customers started the right way by throwing an additional change of ink with any machine that you sell. With the new copier already loaded with ink and an extra change of ink given to them inside of a box, the business will be able to acclimate themselves to the new copy machine without shopping around for a good ink deal. By the time they are used to the copier within a month or two, they can start to find a favorite ink supplier. 

Provide a video demonstration of all of the parts

Some people learn by reading manuals, while others tend to learn by seeing the action performed. Satisfy both needs by providing video detailed instructions for each copy machine. In an instructional video, go over the parts of the machine and what they are used for. By providing a manual that comes with the machine and video instructions that can be emailed, you will lessen the learning curve for operating the machine. 


15 December 2018

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