Folded Ircs: An Introduction For Product Manufacturers


There is something alluring in the eyes of a consumer about a coupon. Of course, saving money is always at the forefront of their thoughts, but coupons make shoppers feel like they are valued or like they should buy a product even when they may not have planned on doing so. Coupons can come in many different forms, from clipable coupons in the mail to coupon booklets attached to a shelf where customers can help themselves. However, one of the coolest ways to put coupons in front of a shopper is with the use of folded IRCs. 

What exactly are folded IRCs?

IRC stands for Instant Redeemable Coupon, so a folded IRC is basically a coupon that is folded into a small size and attached to the outside of a product package with an adhesive backing. If you do your own shopping, chances are you have come across a folded IRC or two on packages of products you typically buy. These small coupons have been in use for a lot of years by a lot of different companies to help attract consumer attention. 

What are the advantages of using folded IRCs on a product?

When you attach a folded IRC to the outside package of your product, several things will happen. For one, the package automatically becomes more noticeable when it is lined up on a store shelf with comparable products.

For example, if you manufacture ink pens and slap an IRC on the package, your product package is automatically going to capture the attention of onlookers more than the pack of ink pens hanging right beside yours that has no IRC. Additionally, IRCs go out to the stores with your product, so you don't have to send out coupons with mailing inserts and that can save time and money. 

Are there certain types of products that IRCs work best on?

IRCs are a good idea for just about any product you can imagine, but they are especially effective on small wares and smaller packages. An IRC probably wouldn't get as much attention affixed to a large item. However, on something small like a grocery item, beauty product, or household cleaner, the IRC could be something shoppers are actually looking for while they shop. IRCs can be really small, which makes them an excellent marketing element for items that may not normally take up a lot of visual space on a store shelf. 


15 June 2018

Learning About Printing Services

Hello, I am Maeve Boyle. The success of my business relies on my ability to spread the word about products and services I provide. I have found that the best way to tell the community about my business is through direct mail flyers. I design all of the flyers on my computer and have them created by a local printing company. The printing company allows me to pick the paper weight and finish used for the completed advertising materials. I like to pick a paper type with a texture and finish that people gravitate towards. I will talk about all of the different types of paper and inks used in the printing process. I hope you will use the information on my site to secure flyer prints for your business. Thanks.