A Few Options Available For Pre-Printed Membership Cards


If you own or operate a business or group that involves a membership you need to have some type of card identifying them. This could be something as simple as a discount card for loyal customers or a card that acts as a key to get into the facility. While you may feel that having personalized cards with the members' names is the best way to go for security purposes, you may find it beneficial to have the cards pre-printed and ready to give out as people are joining the group. You will not have to give up any security by having pre printed membership cards on hand. Here are a few options available to protect the business and its members.

Magnetic Strip

Pre-printed cards can have a magnetic strip on the back. This strip is encoded with data that can be customized when issued to a new member.  It can work the way a debit card works, requiring a PIN to be entered or it can have a transponder embedded that will communicate with a receiver to open a door or turn on a device. In addition, a microchip may be in the strip, the chip can hold all types of information on the cardholder for identification purposes and to allow entry into an area or safe of some sort.

Bar Code

You may opt to have a bar code placed on the membership card. The code will need to be scanned to gain access to something, initiate a program, or to turn something on. The code can also be scanned by an employee and the information can then be verified against a stored identification card. This way, if you suspect or been informed that a card has been lost or stolen you can make sure that it is the member and not someone without a membership trying to get in or use something.

Since the "personalization" of the cards are done by you, entering data to be read from the bar code or in the magnetic strip, you can order a large number of them at one time. This will ensure that you always have cards on hand to provide any new members. If you really want to be able to put a name on the cards you can do it yourself with a printer. In addition, buying a large number at once will allow you to take advantage of bulk prices. When you can order a large number the price per card will go down.


7 April 2018

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