Uses For Custom Labels That Will Benefit You And Your Kids


Custom labels have so many uses when it comes to your children. It's amazing how useful a sticky piece of paper can be for your kids and even for how you take care of your kids. Here are several uses for custom labels that will help you and your children:

Teach Your Kids to Read

Label everything. Write the name of items around the house on labels and stick them on or right next to the item. As your children wander about playing in the house, they will often see the labels. Before long, your children will begin to recognize the word and its connection to the item. After that, they will start to recognize the letters and how they go together to form the word for the item.

Once your child has learned these items, you can switch things up. Have your children place the labels on the correct item as a test to see how much they have learned.

Prizes for a Job Well Done

Many parents will give out stickers to kids as a prize for being good, fulfilling a task, or some other reason. While stickers are great, customized labels are even better. You can get labels in many shapes and sizes, just like stickers, but have them customized with your children's names or even their own faces. Now that is an awesome prize to earn.

Separating Items

When you have more than one child, it can be difficult to keep track of what toy or item belongs to which kid. They will often fight over toys because they can't even remember what belongs to them. Labeling items makes keeping track of who owns what so much easier. You can even get waterproof labels for items like umbrellas or pool toys. Iron on labels are great for clothing or stuffed animals.

Location Tags

When you go somewhere with your children that will have a huge crowd, you might be a little nervous about accidentally losing someone. Children can slip away so quickly and quietly that you might not even notice. A missing child is a very scary situation. Make the situation a little less scary with custom label location tags. These are often paper bracelets that contain your children's names and information. Whoever finds your child can contact you easily.

Custom labels from companies like United Label Canada Ltd help teach your children, keeps them organized, keeps them safe, and makes them happy. Those are some mighty useful stickers. 


6 April 2015

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